The winners!

Excitement filled our social media group, as we learned that the official DLR (German Aerospace Center) website announced the winners of the "Ueberflieger 2" competition!
Next to the projects ADDONISS from the TU Munich, BRAINS from the University of Luxemburg and FARGO from the University of Stuttgart, our little clover experiment was selected as one of four projects that will go to the International Space Station!

ADDONISS (Ageing and Degenerative Diseases of Neurons on the ISS) will investigate cultures of brain cells and their behaviour when exposed to chemicals, aimed to induce an Alzheimer-like response. BRAINS (Biological Research using Artificial Intelligence for Neuroscience in Space) will investigate, similar to ADDONISS, the development and growth of small nerve-cell-organoids from human stem cells when exposed to conditions of zero gravity. The University of Stuttgart takes a rather different approach with FARGO (Ferrofluid Application Research Goes Orbital) investigating a thermal switch and the heat dissipation of a ferro fluid.

We are proud to stand next to these ambitious projects as winners! We will follow their progress and wish them the best of luck on this journey we are about to begin together!