The experiment

Biology Technology


The experimental setup can be divided into two main parts: the Biological Area and the Electronic Area


Biological Area

The Biological Area is part of the 3D printed CubeLab Insert, it will hold 10 plants.

Electronic Area

The right part of the 3D printed CubeLab Insert holds the electronic components.

Experiment Requirements

This part handles the functional, performance, design, and operational requirements, which need to be fulfilled. Without them, the experiment cannot be sent into space.

Biological requirements

To ensure the success of the project we need to define biological requirements, that definitely need to be provided for the plant. Without these requirements the plants will die or have a stunted growth, which will endanger the feasibility of our experiment! So here are some of the most important requirements:


A suitable temperature for feeling well and keep metabolism going


Light in the right wavelengths provides the energy


Water for growing and turgor


Nutrients are also important for growing

Electrical Requirements

The electrical components measure the environment to assess the health state of the plants. In case of a problem we can regulate light or fan intensity to ensure a healthy development of our plants.


Monitor the temperature inside the biomass-container


Image the plant growth in the biomass-container

Carbon dioxide

Monitor the carbon dioxide provides Information about breathing


The humidity must be measured to adjust later results