2 Preliminary plant experiments


In the past experiments we had some nodules but not enough to do serious experiments on them. To identify if we can get more nodules by cutting away the tip of the roots at different stages, we sat up another preliminary experiment.

The experimental design shows the different treatments. Uncut plants and plates are used as a control, to see if there is a difference and where the difference comes from.

Then we had to prepare the seeds and the agar again.

Remove seedcoat Seeds Preparation of seeds

This time i shooted a picture of the autoclav, too. It is used to desinfect all the labor tools and substrates we use. Here our agar has been autoclaved. An aluminiumfoil protects the tools and flasks from new pathogens, brought in by our hands and the enviroment.

The autoclav Preparation of tools and flasks

Pictures of the Plants are coming soon!

10 April 2022

Resin test print

19 May 2022

Visit of the NDR