Mainboard Testing

Besides the light the Mainboard is another central component of our experiment. It contains the used Raspberry Pi Zero 2W and hosts most of our sensors. Another purpose is the connection of the CubeLab electrical interface with our components.

Mainboard Prototype with Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, power, and USB cable Probe pins used to connect USB to Raspberry Pi

To be able to download images during the experiment is running, a USB connection to the SpaceTange SpaceLab will be established. Therefore the USB signals need to be routed through the CubeLab Interface over the Mainboard to the Raspberry Pi. Latter normally interfaces outher electronic parts over a 40 pin header row. In this case the USB connection needs to be established via two test pads located at the bottom of the Raspberry Pi PCB. The Prototype Mainboard is equiped with to mechanical probe pins that are electrically connected to the USB cable. In the end the Raspberry Pi can be connected with additional drivers as device to a PC and communicate over an emulated Ethernet interface.