First Technical Prototype

We just assebled our first technical prototype and checked whether all electrical components are working.

Assembled prototype

To create a prototype we 3d-printed our components. As this prototype is not designed to hold plants, we used resin which is not autoclavable, but cheaper.

Refilling resin for 3d print Print before start Print finished

Below there is an animation of the 3D print. Overall this print took 9:45h!

After that we replaced our main-board with a PLA-printed dummy and moved its functionality to a breadboard. We found some minor changes that have to be adjusted in the CAD (e.g. more margins/tolerances, etc.) but overall this prototype worked quite well.

Assembled prototype without light Assembled prototype with light Backside connector plate

We also tested the camera from its desired position and the results turned out to be pretty good!

25% Brigthness 50% Brigthness 75% Brigthness 100% Brigthness