First light prototype

There will be light

Today the first batch of prototype pcb for the light module arrived. They are designed to only need one side to allow additional heat removal on the backside. As the components already arrived last week we where able to assemble our first light module.

Light Module Prototype PCBs Backside of the Light Module Prototype PCBs

In contrast to out plant box prototype pcb we increased the number of LEDs to 15 to allow a more even light distribution. To drive the LEDs to methods are implemented:

  • On the one hand the current running through the LEDs is achieved by a simple series resistance. To control the brightness an additonal N-MOSFET is included that can be driven with a PWM signal.
  • On the other hand a LED-current driver chip is implemented.

This prototype will be used to evaluate if the additonal complexitiy intruduced by the second approach is needed to minimize the power loss

Two method of LED current supply: In this case only the LED-current driver chip is implemented Assemabled Light Module Prototype PCB